Flocking Removal

A fundraiser is being conducted by Rusty’s Regulators to help in the fight to End Alzheimer’s Disease and this flock of Flamingos have come to roost in your yard to help in that fight. Now, Flamingos can be very territorial, and unless they are moved to a new lawn, they can be very stubborn and want to roost where there are as long as they can. Flock removal is a very tricky thing and should only be attempted by highly trained Removal Technicians.

Please select your chosen removal service:

A) Flock Removal for a donation of $30 to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

B) Flock Migration for a donation of $25 and you get to let us know where the flock should migrate to. Please make sure that the person you wish to send the flock to has a flocking sense humor

Our group is working hard to raise funds to help in the fight to end Alzheimer’s Disease. It is our hope that you will join us in working to find a cure. We understand that times are tough and that you may not be able to donate at this time, but we hope that you have enjoyed this surprise flocking and appreciate the spirit and good will with which it was intended. And please do not be alarmed if the flock one day migrates on its’ own.

Thank you for your Support